When Donald Trump Jr. called at the door of a rural Spanish inn

Donald Trump Jr. (r.) is seen with Oscar Soto (c.), owner of the Camino de La Fuentona inn where the US president's son stayed while on a hunting trip last weekend in Soria province, Spain, and with the owner's little boy. EFE-EPA/Courtesy Oscar Soto

SORIA, SPAIN.- Soria is one of Spain’s more deserted provinces and one of the most abandoned regions in Europe, so the owner of a local countryside inn could never imagine that the elder son of US President Donald Trump would come stay there on a hunting trip.

Oscar Soto is the owner of the Camino de La Fuentona inn, located in Cabrejas del Pinar, a small village of a scant 362 inhabitants who mostly work in the lumber industry.

In that rural lodging managed by Soto and his wife, Donald Trump Jr. stayed last weekend with one of his sons.
«Something like that happens once in a lifetime and I had good luck,» Soto told EFE Tuesday.

Trump Jr., 41, went hunting in the private game preserve around Muriel de la Fuente, a village near Cabrejas del Pinar.

The Camino de La Fuentona inn opened its doors 15 years ago to welcome above all tourists attracted to the area by the unspoiled tracts of wilderness around Laguna Negra, a lake of glacial origen on the Urbion Peaks, and Cañon del Rio Lobos Natural Park, a habitat of eagles, falcons, hawks and eagle-owls.

«We have an extraordinary province,» said Soto, who admitted there are few hunters among his clientele and for that reason he was surprised when Don Jr. showed up with 17 Secret Service agents.

«When they make a reservation they don’t tell you who’s coming,» the owner of the local inn said.

Soto, who only slept three hours over the weekend and spoke with Trump Jr. in Spanish, noted that «he was always friendly and concerned about how we and our son were doing.»

As a detail he recalled that Don Jr. took off his muddy boots before entering the door of the inn «and you don’t see that very often.»

«He was very agreeable, always very warm and smiling. He loves nature. They spent hours and hours on the mountain,» Soto said.

Though he didn’t say what species Trump Jr. hunted, the region is known for its abundance of wild boars and roe deer.

The visit was marked by a certain reserve, since both the innkeeper and his wife told no one who their guest was until he had gone.

Donald Trump Jr. and his entourage asked for nothing special in the way of meals and enjoyed what they were served, according to Soto. What they liked most were the truffle-stuffed meatballs, a dish that takes advantage of the world’s largest truffle plantation, in the Sierra de Cabrejas mountains.

«They didn’t ask us for anything. Just the opposite. And they were always asking us how we were, because they saw we never stopped. It was practically a 24 hour service, because the Secret Service agents do shifts,» he said.

Soto hopes the visit will be repeated, not necessarily to his establishment but to another one in the province, because «it’s what we need, it’ll put us on the map.»

Don Jr. has traveled to Spain several times in recent months to go hunting, and in November 2018 he was in the Sierra de Gredos mountains in Avila, and half a year before in Teruel.

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