«Roma» receives 9 Platino Prize nominations

Colombian journalist Juan Carlos Arciniegas (3L), of CNN, poses with actors Jaime Camil (L), Luis Gerardo Mendez (2L), Karla Souza (3R), Angie Cepeda (2R) and Joaquin Cosio (R) after a press conference to announce the Platino Awards nominees, at the Roosevelt hotel, in Los Angeles, California, United States, 21 March 2019. EPA - EFE/ Armando Arorizo

LOS ANGELES.- Award-winning Mexican film «Roma» stands out as the favorite among the nominees at the sixth edition of the Platino Prizes of Ibero-American Cinema awards gala with a total of nine nominations, while Spanish-Uruguayan film «La noche de 12 años» (A Twelve-Year Night) and Colombia’s «Pajaros de verano» (Birds of Passage) have received six nominations each.

The nominations were announced here Thursday at a press conference at the Roosevelt Hotel, where Spanish film «Campeones» (Champions) and Paraguay’s «Las herederas» (The Heiresses) also each received five nominations.

«Campeones,» «Roma,» «La noche de 12 años» and «Pajaros de verano» will compete for the Best Ibero-American Fiction Film award while their directors – Javier Fesser, Alfonso Cuaron, Alvaro Brechner and Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra, respectively – will compete for the Best Director award.

Ana Brun («Las herederas»), Marina de Tavira («Roma»), Penelope Cruz («Everyone knows») and Yalitza Aparicio («Roma») will face off for the Best Actress award, while Antonio de la Torre («El reino»), Javier Bardem («Everyone knows»), Javier Gutierrez («Campeones») and Lorenzo Ferro («El angel») are in the running for Best Actor.

Cuaron and «Roma» are also nominated for Best Script, where they are up against Alvaro Brechner («La noche de 12 años»), David Marques and Javier Fesser («Campeones») and Marcelo Martinessi («Las herederas»).

The Mexican filmmaker also has been nominated in the Best Film Editing and Best Picture categories.

Also in the Best Film Editing category is Adam Gough, who will be up against Alberto Del Campo («El reino»), Guillermo Gatti («El angel») and Miguel Schverdfinger («Pajaros de verano»). Meanwhile, Carlos Catalan («La noche de 12 años»), David Gallego («Pajaros de verano») and Luis Armando Arteaga («Las herederas») will compete against Gough and Cuaron for the Best Picture award.

Other films such as «Carmen y Lola,» by Arantxa Echevarria; «La Familia» (The Family), by Gustavo Rondon Cordova; «Las herederas,» by Marcelo Martinessi, and «Viaje al cuarto de una madre» (Journey to a Mother’s Room), by Celia Rico, will also compete for the Best Ibero-American Fiction Film award.

«The Wolf House,» by Joaquin Cociña and Cristobal Leon; «Memorias de un hombre en pijama» (Memories of a Man in Pajama), by Carlos Fernandez de Vigo; «Another Day of Life,» by Raul de la Fuente and Damian Nenow, and «Virus tropical» (Tropical Virus), by Santiago Caicedo, are competing for Best Animated Film.

The nominees for the Best Documentary award include «Camaron, Flamenco y Revolucion» by Alexis Morante; «The Silence of Others» by Robert Bahar and Almudena Carracedo; «Devil’s Freedom» by Everardo Gonzalez and «Yo no me llamo Ruben Blades» (My Name is Not Ruben Baldes) by Abner Benaim.

In a non-competing category, the Cinema and Education in Values recognition, a key issue within the philosophy of these awards, will be presented to «Carmen and Lola,» «Las herederas,» «La noche de 12 años» and «Campeones.»

For television, Spain’s «Arde Madrid» (Madrid is Burning) is the big favorite, with three nominations that include Best Series or Mini-series, and it will be up against Argentina’s «El Marginal II» and Mexico’s «The House of Flowers» and «Narcos: Mexico.»

Diego Boneta («Luis Miguel: la serie»), Diego Luna («Narcos: Mexico»), Javier Rey («Fariña») and Nicolas Furtado («El Marginal II») are nominated for the mini-series male actor awards, while Anna Castillo («Arde Madrid»), Cecilia Suarez («The House of Flowers»), Inma Cuesta («Arde Madrid») and Najwa Nimri («Vis a Vis») appear in the female category.

The awards ceremony will be held on May 12 for the second consecutive year at the Gran Tlachco Theater at Xcaret Park, located on the outskirts of the tourist resort of Playa del Carmen, on Mexico’s Caribbean Riviera Maya.

The Platino Prizes are promoted by the Spain-based Audiovisual Producers’ Rights Management Entity (EGEDA) and the Ibero-American Federation of Film and Audiovisual Producers (FIPCA), with support from the Latin American Artists’ Federation (Latin Artis) and the AISGE (Performers’ Management Company) Foundation.

Since its inaugural edition in 2014, the goal of the Platino Prizes has been to promote and disseminate Ibero-American cinema and help ensure that the films’ success at the most prestigious festivals is translated into outstanding results in commercial theaters.

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