Real Madrid’s coach says La Liga is primary objective next season

Real Madrid's Head Coach Zinedine Zidane attends his press conference following a training session of the club at Valdebebas sports facilities in Madrid, Spain, Apr. 24, 2019. EPA-EFE/JAVIER LIZON

MADRID.- Real Madrid’s coach Zinedine Zidane said Wednesday that next season’s main aim will be to win La Liga, as he congratulated Barcelona for closing its fourth title in five years.

The Frenchman said the club hopes to build on its domestic success, with a record 33 league titles.

«Next year, we are going to try to start the league in the best way because the league is our day-to-day and it is very important,» the 46-year-old added.

«We are going to try to start very well because if not it is going to be difficult again.

«You have to put the league as the first objective.»

He added: «Lately, they (Barcelona) are doing well and you have to recognize when the opposing team does well and congratulate them.

«But in history, Real Madrid has won the league more.

«This is not to defend ourselves, but to put it in context.»

Zidane said that the league title was the most important and most difficult thing to win because there are 38 La Liga games, while the Champions League has fewer matches.

Madrid is set to play fourth-placed Getafe on Thursday, Zidane has praised the side for a successful season and fighting for a slot to participate in the UEFA Champions League.

«Getafe is a team that is doing really well,» he said.

«It is the best season in their history and it has come as a result of hard work.»

He added: «Knowing that, and that we are playing against a team that is doing well, we will try to do better, like in the last game.

«We always play to win and that is what we are going to try tomorrow.»

Zidane said he hopes his players will repeat the same performance they gave in the 3-0 win over Athletic Bilbao on Sunday.

«We finished the match against Athletic very strongly and we’re ready to do it again,» he added.

He discussed the changes that could have happened to his position as Madrid coach, reportedly having more authority over transfers for the next season.

«The players know that at this club they have to train very well to play and my role has not changed much,» he said.

«A coach always has a voice to talk about profiles of players who could arrive or who could leave.

«In the first years there weren’t many changes, but in this one there will be.»

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