Brazil’s president promotes trade ties with Israel in Jerusalem

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (L) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu react as they attend a forum of Israeli and Brazilian businesspeople during an Israeli innovation exhibition in Jerusalem, Israel, Apr. 02, 2019. EPA-EFE/ABIR SULTAN

JERUSALEM.– Brazil’s president took part in an Israeli-Brazilian trade forum alongside the Jewish state’s prime minister on Tuesday.

Jair Bolsonaro toured the Israeli Innovation Exhibition with Benjamin Netanyahu on the third day of his visit to Israel.

«Brazil has tremendous gifts and tremendous possibilities to join us. We can be, and want to be, your perfect partners,» the Israeli premier told Bolsonaro in the forum’s opening speech.

«We have no limitation on what we share with you, whether it’s in cybersecurity, general security, agriculture, water, IT. The sky is the limit, and we welcome you as our dearest friends,» Netanyahu added.

Bolsonaro expressed his admiration for Israel’s achievements given the country’s relative size, and joked that Israel «is smaller than the smallest Brazilian state.»

He said that Brazil was willing to offer help to Israel in natural resources, agriculture, biodiversity, fields in which the Middle East «has almost nothing compared to Brazil.»

«I want to send a message of confidence, of new times and new horizons. We are at the disposal of those who want to invest in Brazil and have the certainty that they will be well received, well treated and that they will be able to trust in our work,» Bolsonaro added.

Bolsonaro discussed the upcoming opening of a trade and innovation office in Jerusalem as a way to seal the two countries’ commitment, stressing «our relations are here to stay.»

Netanyahu told Bolsonaro: «My friend Jair, I speak to you, and the people of Israel speak to you, from the heart. We have a brotherhood.»

He added: «Our civilization began in this city thousands of years ago. Our common heritage began on these hills thousands of years ago. We cherish our past. We cherish our traditions.»

«We are like an old tree with deep roots that keeps on sending branches to the sky,» he continued.

Bolsonaro, who is scheduled to visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem later in the day, became on Monday the first world leader to visit the Western Wall accompanied by Netanyahu in East Jerusalem.

He is set to finish his four-day trip on Wednesday with a visit to the Brazilian community in Israel.

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